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Image by Max Bender


Glass is obtained by mixing, high temperature melting, shaping and cooling of minerals known and found in nature. The glass industry has shown significant development since its establishment in 1935 in our country, and the industry has become one of the important branches of the Turkish manufacturing industry with its production capacity, high technology used in production, product capacity, export potential and the volume of meeting the domestic demand completely. The glass sector is a capital and energy intensive sector, which provides 98% of its production inputs domestically, and at the same time has to work with high capacity.

Mirror production starts with a blank clear or colored glass.  The history of the mirror goes back 8000 years. The mirror, which entered human life with the polishing of volcanic stones, took the form we use today in the 16th century. Mirror; It is one of the important pillars of architecture and decoration. Mirror, which is one of the most frequently used products in space designs, is not only a product that adds color to spaces, but also has vital importance in areas we have never seen. Mirror is also an integral part of driving and road safety… Our company, which specializes in its field and invests in mirror production facilities in order to reveal new expansions in its field, started production in 2018 and our colored mirror production facilities were put into service with the additional investments made in 2021. Today, our products have become an important mirror brand of our country and the global market. With these investments, significant employment has been provided and an important gain for the country's economy.

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