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Taking its strength from its glass experience of half a century  İnci Cam has participated in the industrial glass sector with wholesale flat glass sales in Kayseri  and is today in our country and in the global market with the high quality products it offers. It has become one of the brands known and respected . Inci Cam, which constantly renews itself with new products and modern equipment, works to create significant added value for our country in the local and global industrial glass sector  cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


İnci Cam, which supplies raw materials to most organizations in the field of  glass in our country and takes its place in almost every house today,  is still in the wholesale glass and mirror market, as well as furniture, door, shower cabin, machinery. , construction,  Greenhouse is the lifeblood of many sectors such as solar energy and constantly takes its place in living spaces. It has adopted the principle of persistently maintaining the right quality and service, and has made it its mission to become a brand in its own sector with its new  facilities and modern vehicles. In this mission, the number of mirror facilities and satina glass line facilities of our country have been opened  and it has been an important step in increasing our country's share in this sector.  During our work, we use only green energy and do not leave any waste to the nature. We are proud to be a nature friendly organization.



Your Expert

We have the human resources, technical knowledge and equipment that will enable us to do our job in the best way possible. We increase our competitiveness with globally accepted best practices and initiatives and set an example with our corporate practices. We make a difference with the way we do business.

We aim high success and achieve it

We work result oriented. We keep our goals high and keep our ultimate purpose in mind while doing our job. We see the big picture, take responsibility, and work with high motivation on the way to the result. We know the strategy and direction of our institution, and we take this into account in every decision and action we take.

We are innovative and creative

We are curious, participatory and sharing. We follow the requirements of the time and support new ideas and initiatives. We take time to think. We enjoy creating opportunities and solving problems. We constantly question our habits and avoid assuming. We are not afraid of making mistakes, we learn from mistakes. We work tirelessly to make a difference.

We support continuous improvement

We work with a learning and developing business culture. We distinguish and reward our employees who are constantly improving and make a visible contribution with high performance. We provide feedback for improvement and welcome criticism openly.

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