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Our Human Resources Policy

The biggest source of pride and motivation of İnci Cam, a leading brand in its sector; It is the added value it has provided to our country's economy with its increasing production capacity and employment since the day it was founded.


As İnci Cam community, we carry the mission and goal of offering products suitable for global competition by constantly increasing our product quality with the continuity of these goals and values.


In this direction, keeping our Human Resources processes at the center of our business priorities and targets;

- Shaping business processes within their responsibilities,

- Offering qualified and measurable training and development opportunities to its employees for continuous renewal and development,

- Creating a training and development environment for its employees to realize, develop and use their potential by focusing on their internal talents,

- Having an employee profile that sees the diversity blended with multiculturalism as an opportunity and is nourished by diversity,

- Supporting teamwork and team understanding,

- Enriching the company culture with the understanding of being open to learning,  We aim to take an approach and constantly improve our practices in line with these purposes.


We think that we will reach our goal with individuals who are in the direction of improving our company, which aims to continue its life as an exemplary organization in glass and mirror manufacturing, which is our field of activity.

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