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We produce glass and mirror sets specially produced for furniture and accessory institutions with more than 20 years of experience.  In our product portfolio, grinded, perforated, shaped, printed, channeled mirror types and tempered glass  varieties are available. To explain these stages, the following processes are carried out by us:


Running in

The process of polishing the edges and corners of the glass and removing its sharpness is called grinding. The process of polishing with 90 degrees and 45 degrees inclinations is called straight running-in, and arc-shaped finishing is called C running-in or herringbone running-in.  If desired, shiny running-in can be achieved by applying felting after running-in.  These criteria are evaluated separately during the ordering process and produced as desired by our valued customers.


CNC Cutting

Processing of glass and mirror products starts with cutting large plates according to the desired dimensions. Our glass cutting processes can be easily done in the desired shape and size in our computer-aided cnc cutting lines, which are the latest technology.  



The process of deep polishing the glass edges at the desired angle is called beveling. Bizote process,  It is a process applied to add visual richness to the products, and the beveling process also removes the sharpness on the edges of the glass and mirrors. The width changes with the angle. These criteria are determined at the time of order and are produced according to demand.



The process of giving 2 mm hollow shapes on the glass surface with custom patterns or straight lines is called grooving.  The desired patterns are prepared in the computer environment and applied with computer-aided cnc devices.


Tempered Glass

Most glass in living spaces today must be tempered for high safety and durability reasons. Tempered glass is used in all areas of our lives, such as oven glasses, shower cabin glasses, vehicle glasses, glasses on coffee tables and tables, balcony glasses, balustrade glasses, glass furniture. Tempered glasses are resistant to thermal shocks up to 300 degrees. In our high-temperature furnaces, the glass that has almost become dough is tempered with instant freezing units. In this way, it reaches the end user in a structure that is 5 times more durable, does not break easily and eliminates unwanted situations since bile does not break into sharp pieces even if it breaks.


Screen Printing Paint Printing

Screen printing is applied to the glass and mirror surfaces in the desired patterns prepared in computer environment.  It is generally preferred in furniture mirrors and glasses and printed tempered shower cabin glasses. Our business is about silk-screen dye printing,  With its experience of more than 20 years, it is proud to have worked with the largest furniture and shower cabin companies of our country.



It provides high heat and light transmittance thanks to its transparency.

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  • Edge processing

  • Hole

  • CNC Channel (Lasem)

  • Sandblasting

  • Screen Printing

  • Straight Edge


  • interior decorations

​ ​

  • hotel rooms

​ ​

  • bars

​ ​

  • Restaurants

​ ​

  • bathrooms

​ ​

  • elevators


Mirror sizes available in İnci Ticaret stocks

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SIZE: 321 cm x 180 cm - 250 cm

​ ​

THICKNESS: 4 - 5 - 6 mm

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